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I have completed HND BUSINESS from MIUC, that is my best educational experience so far. the university provides complete support and grooming to students and also helps out in securing good jobs and internship. the qualification is very practically oriented. It provides you great exposure of work industry. It was easily manageable with my modelling career.



I had an amazing experience at MIUC. the degree gave me freedom to think out of box and also developed my interest in further studies. I have applied in Birmingham city University, UK and I will be joining the top up session in January 2020.



I chose HND qualification because I wanted to pursue my won business, this degree helped me a lot in doing so. So far Iam running a successful construction business because of things learned through this degree. this degree also enable industry engagement and helped me achieve my targets.



This degree was a good transformation for me, it helped me set realistic goals. I took over my fathers business after completing HND Business and it has greatly help me in achieving success. I am applying new techniques and tools to expand our current business. I will also join top up year this January to enhance my education further.



I completed my degree in 2019. I had a fabulous time in MIUC, the teachers, environment, mentor ship everything is very remarkable. the teachers are well qualified to prepare students for real and practical world. I have learnt a lot in this university and I am applying those concepts to my business and I am very successful because of my learning.


Wasama Qayyum Gondal

MIUC the best choice in the Twin cities for the UOL LLB. Best faculty and the best educational experience any student could have asked for. Thank you Sir Walid!


Irtaza Ali

Limit is something which only exists in our minds. With determination, precision, consistency, motivation and handwork there is nothing one cannot attain. University of London’s LLB Honors was by far one of the toughest challenges which I accomplished in my life and MIUC’s management and teaching faculty did play a vital role in it. As soon as I got into MIUC I realised this that no other institute here can beat it in terms of their extra ordinary teaching staff which definitely takes MIUC a step ahead among all institutions. Responsibly in keeping view my own experience I would like to quote this here that this Laws Degree is very much rewarding and provides us with very much professional opportunities as soon as we graduate. I thank University of London for providing me with exceptional undergrad degree and thank MIUC for making it possible wonderfully.



I joined MIUC in 2017 for HND business program, the program is very practical and according to the needs to practical world. I had best teachers and environment provided by university. Various internship opportunities helped me have an insight of real business world and make me able to start my own business of tourism and consultancy.


Hassan Shah

I joined MIUC in 2016, it has been a great journey. MIUC have developed a real sense of practical work sector in their students. we attended countless seminars, one to one meetings with leaders and business symposiums. we also attended a lot of fairs for further university qualifications. I completed my degree in 2019 and I have started a top up year this semester. my aim is to do an MBA from UK


Sana Rehman

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take that away from you, it is a ticket to a good life. And learning under the umbrella of UOL was like charlie’s golden ticket for me. It refined me of how to organize and discipline my life as a person and analyse, critisize, justify and convey, than to simply write and read. Regarding MIUC, without doubt I had the finest teachers/ mentors throughout my degree. And I have been lucky enough to be mentored by them. I’ve interned at Fazle Ghani and Mobilink even before I was awarded my degree. To sum up, my experience with UOL and MIUC has been great.


Arbaz Khan

I am a proud LLB graduate of University of London and Metropolitan International University and College. This university made me who i am today, As i did my A levels and my gradation from MIUC this makes my relationship with MIUC five years old. I was a shy student when i first joined MIUC but then i started learning, i took full advantage of the opportunities given to me by my university and that increased my confidence and my capabilities which was the reason I served as the President of Roots Metropolitan Model United Nations 2017 and also served as the Ambassador of MIUC from the year 2016 to 2017. As I graduated from MIUC I started working at the Law Firm of Dr Babar Awan who is a senior Advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan furthermore I got acceptance from Notingham Trent University for my Bar Professional Training Course known as Bar at Law which i will be joining in September 2019. These are some of my achievements which would have not been possible without the nourishment and confidence given to me by MIUC.